We had a great Halloween here in suburbia!  Our tricker-treaters were all adorable, and we got great feedback on our decorations.  I changed out all the lights in the study with orange bulbs (not on in the photos) to backlight a ghost costume in the window and made crooked all of the prints hanging on the walls.  I was afraid no one would notice the prints, but  our first set of parents complimented the attention to detail.  A win, and a legacy of Mom’s impeccable taste in lightbulbs over the years.

We hung Walt on our front porch, whose light we had also exchanged for an orange bulb.  He was originally out on a flagpole but had to seek cover because of the rain.  What’s great about Walt is that he screams and shakes when he sees or feels anything (although we had this setting off because of all the little, little kids we got).  Quite frankly, he was really frightening; his desperation seemed so sincere that we could only assume he had been falsely imprisoned.  And so, the namesake: Sir Walter Raleigh.

Doubleday, 1902

And now to another set of kids: my class.  I showed them clips on Halloween morning of the 1931 and 1992 versions of Dracula and assigned excerpts for homework.  While their responses were less than stimulating, I’m looking forward to teaching a subject I enjoy. If you haven’t read the book–now’s the time!  It’s a great read, regardless of the time of year.
I will almost certainly post on the secondary sources we’re reading, so get excited for some crazy writings about just how interdisciplinary monsters really are.

Until soon, readers.