Happy new year to all, readers!
I’d usually try to connect my reading (Chaucer and Milton) with my trip (2 weeks in Norway), but I’m a bit short on time.
I take exams in February, so my posts between now and then will likely be about my reading material, my studying process, or absent altogether.
For now, I’ll just share some photos. I’d really like to post about museums in Norway– fingers crossed I can get some other work done first!
In the meantime, you can find more photos and comments on my twitter and intstagram accounts (@RebeccaShores)

Until soon, wishing everyone a new start if they need it and continued success if they don’t.


The Scream(!)
Reindeer at Christmas Fair

View from the Maritime Museum

Viking Ship Museum

Moved stave church at Folk Museum

Folk Museum

Folk Museum

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Akershus Fortress


Skiing in Voss:
View from Bavallstunet cabin

Same, Christmas

Wood-burning stove

Christmas Eve service (Vangskyrkja)


Hanseatic Museum (AMAZING)

Hanseatic Museum: cubbied bunkbeds (totally doing this for kids’ room one day)

Hanseatic Museum: corner desk

Bryggens Museum: site of the oldest settlements in Bergen (12th c)


View from the top of Mt Floyen

University Museum of Bergen: Blue Whale Skeleton 

University Museum of Bergen: playroom

Bergen Maritime Museum

Bergen Maritime Museum

St Olaf’s Church, Vestry

Bergen square