Hello again, friends!

I’ve been taking a break from EVERYTHING since I passed written exams (booyah!), and after a kickass conference at CUNY, I’m reluctantly slowly coming back to the realities of teaching and studying for orals.

Weren’t these AWESOME?!

I’m drafting questions and answers as part of my prep for oral exams, and instead of writing all of them up and overloading/boring my ever-gracious readers, I thought I’d let you decide which issue is most interesting (if any). After I hear from you all on blogger, twitter, and facebook, I will write up one of the following issues for your reading leisure and pleasure (and yes, that should rhyme in your head).

1. The Alfredian canon. What’s in? What’s out? According to whom? [Or, “Bately and Godden got into a fight. Who won?]
NB: this refers to a group of 9th c Anglo-Saxon ‘translations’ of Latin originals once attributed to King Alfred.
2. Varying presentations of “holy women” in South English legendary, Chaucer, Margery Kempe, and Julian of Norwich.
3. Portrayal of chivalry in Havelok the Dane, Horn, Sir Orfeo, Chretien, Marie de France, and the last book of Malory’s Morte.

So what do you think?

If none of these appeals to you, I can also write up some brief comments on:
4. How I would teach Beowulf
5. How I would teach a medieval seminar
6. How I would teach medieval/early modern drama

Please let me know (somehow), and in the meantime, don’t forget to check out (and participate in) our awesome HASTAC forum on mapping.

Looking forward to hearing from you!